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How to Apply for Funding


Community Grants

Community Grants are for requests to support breast cancer diagnostic services, patient navigation, and support programs. In line with the findings of our most recent Community Profile, projects should focus on at least one of the following programmatic objectives listed in order of priority:

  • Breast cancer diagnostic services for symptomatic women under-40 and men: Diagnostic services should improve access to breast cancer diagnostic services for symptomatic women under-40 and men who are ineligible for public funding. These diagnostic services must be available to all LA County residents regardless of catchment area and are to be Medi-Cal approved services at Medi-Cal rates (see Please note this does NOT include screening mammograms or clinical breast exams. Grants for diagnostic service projects must not exceed $40,000.
  • Comprehensive breast cancer patient navigation: These projects should provide patient advocacy, navigation, and coordinated referral services throughout the entire continuum of care. These projects should also be culturally and ethnically tailored to the community it proposes to serve. Patient navigation projects that aim to address disparities in mortality by providing follow-up and support through treatment and follow-up will be given priority. Please note this does NOT include education, empowerment, or awareness raising efforts. Grants for patient navigation projects must not exceed $20,000.
  • Breast cancer support projects: These projects should provide psychosocial support and/or other assistance for breast cancer patients, survivors, their families, or caregivers. Project services may include the following: (1) Psychosocial services such as counseling and support groups; and/or (2) Financial assistance, transportation, interpretation, meals, childcare, temporary housing, legal assistance, etc.  Please note this does NOT include education, empowerment, or awareness raising efforts.  Grants for support projects must not exceed $15,000. 

Grant Requirements and Restrictions:

1. Applications must be submitted in English
2. All grant project activities must take place in LA County
3. No more than one application per programmatic objective per organization will be considered.
4. Project must be specific to breast health and/or breast cancer; e.g. if a project is a combined breast and cervical cancer project, funding may only be requested for the breast cancer portion
5. Requested funds cannot be duplicative, i.e., you may not request funds for services that could be covered by Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment Program (Family PACT), Every Woman Counts, or Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP)
6. Any current grantees that have not complied with or completed their grant requirements are ineligible for funding consideration for 12 months
7. Applicants must be a US nonprofit organization (e.g. nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and American Indian tribes are eligible) and be able to provide a current (within 10 years) 501(c)(3) or comparable document from the Internal Revenue Service in the name of applicant or fiscal agent
8. If applicant, or any of its key employees, directors, officers or agents is convicted of fraud or a crime involving any other financial or administrative impropriety, then applicant is not eligible to apply for a grant during this current cycle; applicant will not be eligible to apply for a new grant until 12 months after the conviction or until applicant can demonstrate that appropriate remedial measures have been taken to ensure that any criminal misconduct does not recur

Application Process

To apply for a Komen Community Grant, applicants must first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) electronically by 5pm PST on October 31, 2014. Organizations will receive a request for application and be invited to apply only after successful evaluation of LOI. Full applications are due by 5pm PST on December 12, 2014.

To access the Letter of Intent forms, please click here for an editable version and click here for a version in PDF.

Important Dates

October 2, 2014 Request for Letters of Intent Released
October 31, 2014 Letters of Intent Due
November 14, 2014 Request for Application Released (Invitation Only)
November 19, 2014 RFA, GeMS, and Grant Writing Workshop
December 12, 2014 Applications Due
March, 2014 Award Notifications Released

Workshop Presentations


Please direct all questions about the application process to: